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PMR Mission Summaries:
Details of Portland Mountain Rescue SAR missions.

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2014 Mission Summary
Dates: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
11/13/14 Middle Sister SAR Climber(39) falls. Partner unable to locate him.Partner evacuated in storm. Search ongoing.4
11/09/14 McNeil Pt., Mt. Hood 2 teens separated and lost on ice cave trip.Both located and rescued uninjured.6
10/03/14 Crater Rock, Mt. Hood
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PMR rescues ill-prepared "climber"Uninjured male (27) assisted down from 10400'6
09/14/14 Big Lava Bed, WA
[Full Story]
Day two of search in rough terrainNo concrete clues located9
09/13/14 Big Lava Bed, WA Searching for man missing since Sept. 2013.PMR joins approx. 40 others in the effort6
07/20/14 Zig Zag Canyon PMR team investigates object in canyon.Wayward tent/contents found. Owner notified.5
07/15-16/14 Ohanapecosh Park - MRNP
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Provided two teams in search for lost hiker.No clues found in large scale air & ground search.6
07/10/14 Wyeth - Columbia Gorge PMR on stand by during helicopter rescue3 teens airlifted by National Guard Blackhawk5
06/01/14 Crater Rock - Mt. Hood
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Medical evacuation of 36 yr-old female climberPMR transports patient via liter to Ski Area10
05/24/14 Hot Rocks - Mt. Hood
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Climber (59) takes long fall into fumaroleRescued by PMR, AMR, and Army Guard Helo22
05/21/14 Queen's Chair - Mt. Hood
[Full Story]
Recovery. Climber died in fall on 5/13PMR provides support to Crag Rat-led effort6
05/17/14 Troutdale Searching for clues in 2/24 disappearanceNothing new in 2nd sweep of steep search area15
05/12/14 Mt. Bachelor PMR lends a hand in search for missing skier.21 yr-old Autistic subject located NE of ski area3
04/26/14 Zig Zag Glacier Two men lost in whiteout west of Palmer LiftSki Patrol rescues. PMR cancelled enroute9
03/24/14 South of Molalla 62 year-old woman missing 12 days.Car located. PMR searches vicinity. No clues.7
02/25/14 Troutdale Man walks away from Police after car crash.Unsuccessful search in steep, brushy terrain.12
01/06/14 Zig Zag Mountain
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Guard Helo spots missing hiker's camp fire.PMR escorts lost man(71) and dog to safety.11
01/02/14 Salmon River Canyon Injured 26 yr-old woman rescued by Ski Patrol.PMR rescuers called off while in transit.11
16 Missions 1385 Person Hours

2013 Mission Summary
Dates: Location: Summary: Comments: Resp:
12/22/13 Oneonta Gorge
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SAR Op for possible subject locates puppy.Stranded dog lifted from gorge below Triple Falls.13
11/26/13 Mt Hood - South Side Climber(62) falls on Coalman Headwall.Airlifted by National Guard. PMR in support.15
09/30 - 10/01/13 Big Lava Bed, WA 2 days on search for missing caver.Search suspended after 1 week with no clues.9
09/26/13 Santiam State Forest Day 3 of search for Mushroom Hunter (54M).Trucker picks up subject on Mollala River Rd.7
08/23/13 Columbia River Gorge
[Full Story]
Deceased male found below Ecola FallsRecovery performed by PMR team.13
08/22/13 Columbia River Gorge Cliffed-out party located by MCSOSAR.PMR rigs to rescue 1 Adult and 5 Teens8
08/13/13 Mt. Hood - Cooper Spur
[Full Story]
Tracks and witness reports focus search.NG Helo locates body. Currently unrecoverable.9
08/12/13 Mt. Hood - Cooper Spur
[Full Story]
Search for overdue Polish Soldier(32).PMR sends personnel to Cloud Cap to assist.6
08/03/13 White River Glacier
[Full Story]
25 yr-old camp coach killed by serac collapse.Crag Rats and PMR perform recovery.8
06/23 - 06/30/13 Mt. Hood
[Full Story]
Climber(59) missing on solo Leuthold climb.Body recovered on Sandy Headwall. 30
06/15/13 Canyon Creek, WA Search for 19 yr-old female on spiritual quest.Reported leaving camp naked, with little gear.6
06/13/13 Paradise Park Lost male(53) backbacker calls for help.PMR joins PNWSAR to assist subject.6
06/02/13 Mt. Hood - South Side 24 yr-old Skier falls from Mazama Chute.Climbers, PMR and Ski Patrol provide aid.3
05/01/13 Mt. Hood - South Side Climber tumbles down Coalman Headwall.Lower leg injury requires evacuation by PMR.11
03/30/13 Mt. Hood
[Full Story]
NG Helo rescues hiker NW of Paradise Park.Subject spent 6 nights out lost and injured.13
03/29/13 Mt. Hood
[Full Story]
Car of overdue 23 yr-old female hiker located.PMR searches Zig Zag Glacier and Canyons.7
03/22/13 Still Creek Activated to find last of 3 skiers lost overnight.Subject located as PMR responds.5
03/11/13 Table Mountain, WA Day 2 of search for possible hiker in trouble.No evidence found to support need for search.4
03/10/13 Crown Point
[Full Story]
Deceased male(34) and vehicle recovered.Subject wanted on felony charges from 2012.16
02/24/13 Timberline
[Full Story]
Intoxicated man in Salmon River Canyon.AMR, Hoodland Fire and PMR haul subject out.2
02/16/13 Little Zig Zag Canyon PMR called to assist out-of-bounds skier.Mission cancelled enroute.6
02/02/13 Little Zig Zag Canyon
[Full Story]
Skier injured in nighttime fall on solo tour.8-hour litter evacuation through difficult terrain.17
01/12/13 Mt. Hood - Zig Zag Glacier Backcountry Skier (36F) reported missing.Callout Cancelled. Subject safe in Gov. Camp.6
01/02/13 Multnomah Falls Search for missing 43 year-old male.No clues found in technical terrain.9
22 Missions 2143 Person Hours
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