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Coleman Headwall Mission
Saturday, July 24, 2010

A 54 year-old male from Tucson, AZ suffered a fall early Saturday morning (July 24th). PMR was called out to assist in the rescue. The subject was not using crampons and had taken a fall near an area of the summit know as the Hogsback. PMR sent a team of seven up the lift chair who then hiked the remainder of the way to the fall-site. The subject had sustained a fractured/dislocated ankle along with abrasions. A Blackhawk helicopter was called in for extraction as well as to do a quick search run over the Reid Headwall looking for clues regarding Nolan & Vietti, the two missing climbers from last winter. The patient was delivered to Emanuel hospital for treatment. The South Side of Mt. Hood continues to attract unskilled climbers who underestimate the consequences associated with a fall above the Hogsback. Proper climbing skills and equipment are required when climbing all routes on Mt Hood.


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