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News, accounts and information regarding Portland Mountain Rescue missions, events and activities.
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Oct 03, 2014 Mt. Hood: Crater Rock Rescue

Sep 15, 2014 Skamania Co: Big Lava Bed Search

Jul 15, 2014 Lost Hiker, Mt. Rainier National Park

Jun 01, 2014 Mt. Hood: Crater Rock Medical Evac

May 24, 2014 Mt. Hood: Hot Rocks Fumarole Climber Rescue

May 21, 2014 Mt. Hood: Queen's Chair Body Recovery

Mar 12, 2014 Support PMR At the Telluride MountainFilm on Tour

Jan 06, 2014 Lost Hiker Near Zig Zag Mountain

Dec 22, 2013 Technical Rescue of a Dog at Oneonta Gorge

Dec 22, 2013 Oregon Live Reports on the Rescue of Rocky (the dog)

Nov 02, 2013 Rescue Teams Hone Skills

Aug 23, 2013 Ecola Falls Body Recovery

Aug 12, 2013 Fallen Climber on Cooper Spur Route

Aug 03, 2013 Body Recovery: Ice Cave on White River Glacier

Jul 14, 2013 Stateman Journal covers the Kinley Search

Jun 24, 2013 Kinley Adams Search and Recovery on Mt. Hood

Jun 23, 2013 Lost Mt. Hood Climber, Search Day 1

Apr 23, 2013 PMR's tips for Mt. Hood climbing season

Mar 29, 2013 Lost Mt. Hood Climber

Mar 14, 2013 Support PMR At the Telluride MountainFilm on Tour

Mar 10, 2013 Crown Point Recovery

Feb 28, 2013 Attend Snowbash, a benefit for NWAC

Feb 24, 2013 Intoxicated Patient in Salmon Canyon

Feb 02, 2013 Injured Skier-Zigzag Canyon

Dec 24, 2012 Trio Rescued on Christmas Eve

Nov 28, 2012 Solo Climber Stranded on Crater Rock

Nov 12, 2012 Two Missing Climbers on Mt. Hood

Aug 15, 2012 Missing Hiker on Mt. Jefferson

Jul 23, 2012 Stranded Climber & Dog in Zig Zag Canyon

Jun 21, 2012 Injured Climber in Upper Crater of Mt. Hood

May 31, 2012 Looking back at 10th anniv of Mt Hood helicopter crash

May 16, 2012 Ted Wheeler's Mt. Everest Summit Experience

Apr 29, 2012 Join PMR for Multnomah Falls Clean-up

Apr 11, 2012 Mazamas present a benefit for PMR

Mar 21,2012 PMR Rescuers Honored for Saving a Life

Feb 11,2012 Snowboarder Rescued in Sand Canyon

Feb 06,2012 PMR Recovers a Body on White River Glacier

Feb 05,2012 PMR Evacuates Injured Climber on Mt. Hood

Feb 16,2012 Support PMR at the Mountain Film Tour

Dec 21, 2011 PMR is Accepting Applications

Nov 14, 2011 KOIN News 6 Features PMR

Aug 27, 2011 Molalla man rescued after getting stuck

Jul 30, 2011 Crown Point Mission

Jul 18, 2011 Search for Lost Climbers on Mt. Adams

Jul 09, 2011 PMR Assists Climber on Mt. Hood

Jun 20, 2011 KGW’s Joe Donlon climbs with PMR Rescuers

Jun 09, 2011 PMR Assists Injured Climber on Mt. Hood

May 08, 2011 Mother's Day Rescue On Devil’s Backbone

Apr 11, 2011 See the first of PMR's series of Safety videos

Apr 08, 2011 Another search for a Lost Snowboarder

Apr 07, 2011 PMR searches for Lost Snowboarders

Feb 23, 2011 PMR Presents at Bagdad Theater

Feb 20, 2011 Rescued Mt. Hood Snow boarder

Feb 19, 2011 Search for Lost Snow boarder on Mt. Shasta

Feb 15, 2011 PMR Presents Avalanche Awareness at REI

Feb 08, 2011 PMR Presents Avalanche Awareness at REI

Feb 03, 2011 PMR Presents Avalanche Awareness at REI

Jan 22, 2011 PMR Rescues a Stranded Climber

Jan 20, 2011 Support PMR At the Telluride MountainFilm on Tour

Aug 20, 2010 PMR rescues two climbers on Mt. Adams

Jul 24, 2010 Coleman Headwall Mission

Jul 07, 2010 PMR Assists in Mt.Hood Rescue at Hot Rocks

Jun 17, 2010 PMR Assists in Recovery at Coe Glacier

Jun 09, 2010 In Memoriam

Jun 02, 2010 Mt. St. Helens Search for overdue climbers

May 01, 2010 PMR Searches for lost snowboarder

Apr 22, 2010 Search for lost hiker at Wauneka Point

Mar 25, 2010 PMR finds missing hiker in Eagle Creek/Tanner Creek

Mar 09, 2010 PMR Searches Table Mountain for lost hiker.

Feb 22, 2010 PMR rescues stranded hiker near Multnomah Falls.

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