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Portland Mtn Rescue
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Weather and Avalanche Links:
Mountain, wilderness and backcountry activities are susceptible to extreme weather conditions.  Portland Mountain Rescue encourages all outdoor enthusiasts to monitor weather and avalanche forecasts and take appropriate precautions based on that information - no matter what time of year it is.


National Weather Service
Weather data portal for the United States
National Weather Service - Portland
Weather data portal for the Portland metropolitan area
Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center
Avalanche forecasts, weather conditions and resources for Washington and Northern Oregon

Canadian Avalanche Association - Online Training Course
Learn the basic skills for risk assessment and self/group rescue in avalanche terrain.
NWS Forecast - Portland Metropolitan Area
Latest forecast for the Portland, Oregon Metro Area
NWS Forecast - Northern Oregon Cascades
Latest forecast for the Northern Oregon Cascades (Mount Hood)
NWS Forecast - Central Oregon Cascades
Latest forecast for the Central Oregon Cascades (Sisters & Bachelor)
NWS Forecast - Southern Washington Cascades
Latest forecast for the Southern Washington Cascades (Mt St Helens)
Internet information portal for the professional avalanche community
Forest Service National Avalanche Center
Avalanche studies, training and resources for the USDA Forest Service, snow sport participants and backcountry enthusiasts's Cascade Snowpack Data
Substantial historical snowfall and snowpack data for the Cascade Range volcanoes
American Avalanche Association
A group of dedicated professionals engaged in the study, forecasting, control and mitigation of snow avalanches
NOAA Interactive Weather Information Network - Oregon
Weather forecasts for the Seattle, Washington area and most of Washington State
NOAA Interactive Weather Information Network - Washington
Seattle, Washington based mountain SAR team
Northwest Wildfire Information
Current wildfire info from NW Interagency Coordination Center
Northwest Fire Prevention Education
Key info on NW wildfires from the Oregon Bureau of Land Mgmt
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P.O. Box 5391
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Phone: 503.222.PMRU (7678)

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